• Dr. Lackey has been our family counselor for three generations
  • If I had done what Barbara had suggested, I’d still be married to my first wife.
  • Barbara, thank you. After our one session, I was able to begin to go in the right direction in my life.
  • Barbara, therapy has been a slow but worth while process. Sometimes I had to look at things that were hard, but you encouraged me. I am grateful!!!
  • Thank you for working with my psychiatrist. Therapy and meds have saved my life.
  • You helped me to address my < gender preference > in a better way. What a difference our sessions made for me.
  • Our work with hypnosis has really made me come out of my “funk.”
  • Wow, “peeling away at the layers” and getting rid of lots of “junk” has made life so much better. You know, Barbara, sometimes you are patient; other times, you just don’t let me “sit in my stuff".
  • Dr. Lackey told me that changing my thoughts could change my feelings, I thought that was “crazy.” But, you know, it’s working.
  • When you said that infidelity is a symptom and not the cause of divorce, that really helped me to see what we both needed to differently. We are happy and back together and doing what we need to.
  • Even though you did not work with my kids, they are getting better because you taught us (their parents) how to communicate with them
  • I liked our EMDR sessions. Something changed for me for the better.
  • I knew our family communication was bad. Thank you for teaching us.
  • all to communicate better in our family. It is helping
  • I am reconciling my religious belief with my lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Lackey, for sharing your wisdom and experience
  • Love your team approach, Barbara. I have always felt inferior. Now I realize I am not.
  • The educational assessment you did for (Name withheld) allowed me to work with his school district. He is now in a great program and is doing well. Thank you.
  • Your respect for my religion and my spirituality was very much appreciated.
  • (Edited and printed with anonymity and permission )

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