You are sad. You may be wondering if this is normal or if you are clinically depressed. I suggest you take the following simple test to help you answer this question.

Over the past few weeks or more, have you experienced: Yes   No
1. Overwhelming feeling of sadness lasting for much of the day ____ ____
2. Lack of interest in activities you usually like/enjoy ____ ____
3. Change in eating habits and either weight gain or loss ____ ____
4. Sleeping too much or not enough ____ ____
5. Restlessness ____ ____
6. Fatigue; loss of energy ____ ____
7. Feelings of excessive guilt; worthlessness ____ ____
8. Difficulty thinking, concentrating; indecisiveness ____ ____
9. Frequent and ongoing thoughts of death ____ ____
10. Do these cause problems in personal, job, social functioning? ____ ____
If you answered yes to at least 5 or more, you may be suffering from clinical depression. It may be mild, moderate or severe, depending on the number and the severity of your symptoms.

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