In my work with individuals with anger issues, I have found that anger is not a pure emotion. It is a combination of several to many different emotions such as fear, frustration, disappointment, hurt, etc. Anger in itself is a natural reaction to threats or unfairness.

It can be personal, such as anger at spouse, coworker, anger at yourself arising out of disappointment or memories of a specific event(s); unresolved childhood issues; combat issues, etc. Sometimes it is justified, at other times, not.

The number and intensity of emotions is directly related to the degree of anger, ranging from mild and fleeting to intense rage.
Some of us are naturally predisposed to be more angry than others, making anger management seem like a daunting task
Anger is not always bad. It can provide a way to express and let go of negative feelings. It can also motivate you to find solutions and make decisions.
But poorly managed anger often causes physical, emotional, relationship and career problems. You become a slave to your anger
It is unhealthy to attempt to eliminate all anger, especially when justified.

In therapy, we address the various emotions that make up your anger and the messages you give and receive about your emotions and your anger.

You will learn

  1. To honor and express your anger in healthy ways
  2. To convert and redirect your anger using it to develop healthy personal power
  3. Strategies to help you manage both your conscious and unconscious thoughts, allowing physical sensations and the level of anger to subside and become healthy. (American Psychological Association, 2014)

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