Am I bipolar?

Normal Human Behavior Bipolar symptoms - Mania
Feeling good about yourself Thinking extremely highly of yourself and your importance
Occasional sleeplessness Decreased need for sleep
Good conversationalist Can’t seem to stop talking
People sometimes bother you You are intolerant of others much of the time
Sometimes going off on a tangent Flight of ideas; your thoughts race
Sometimes have difficulty paying attention Extreme distractibility
A burst of energy where you accomplish some of what you want/need to accomplish A seemingly infinite amount of energy, often to the point of being unable/unwilling to stop
An occasional splurge Over-involvement in activities that are/could be dangerous or destructive
Normal Human Behavior Bipolar Symptoms - Depression
Feeling a bit “down” Overwhelming feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness
Turned off at times Diminished interest in all activities much/most of the time
Slight weight and appetite fluctuation Marked increase or decrease in appetite
Tired at times Ongoing fatigue
Upset with yourself at times Feelings of worthlessness, unfounded guilt
Slight distractibility Inability to think, concentrate, make decisions
Slightly discouraged Recurrent thoughts of death with and suicide and how to accomplish it
If you find you have symptoms of bipolarity, therapy and a visit to a medical doctor can help you to stabilize and become productive (American Psychological Association, 2013)

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